Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well here I am, not lost altogether but almost!  This time I am going to post as often as I can even if it is just a very short one - I have decided I must make the time to stay in contact if I want you to keep following. 

It is now the middle of spring - I can't believe it - I wait all year for the Crabapple to flower and once again it is almost finished, in fact, it is snowing pale pink petals.  How time comes and goes so fast.  School holidays come to an end today for Abby and that means work experience tomorrow at the local paper.  Then preparations for the School Certificate. It seems like yesterday when she was starting Kindergarten just across the road.  Last term was very busy for her with lots of assessments and big projects for Food Technology. Following are a couple photos of the cakes she made, firstly the wedding cake with hand made roses, very tasteful I think.

Secondly, her novelty cake - a cricket pitch of course with added flowers around the perimeter!

Now in between everything else going on I went off to Bathurst to a Sue Spargo workshop - it was great - lots of fun and two days to stitch.  I decided to make the needle roll because I thought I would at least get that finished - well not quite but well on the way.  Of course the only colour to work in is RED!  Hatched and Patched hosted the weekend and Annie's shop is GORGEOUS.  Her husband Pete is now dyeing wool and it is really nice to work with and the colours are lovely too - I used the red for my background.

I have also been working on pincushions - a collection of them actually.  Here are the first batch, more to come of course.

Well as you can see after several days of frustration I have finally loaded the photos and here they are thank you for your patience and remember from my last post "Life is about the journey, not the destination".

Until next time

Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello at last - I finally decided to get my act together and get on with it.  Still looking for the "mojo" but making a start anyway.  Having said that I had my post all ready and have been trying for three days and nights to put the photos in place.  They refuse to upload (so much jargon)!  I have tried everything I know, deleting, reloading from card, resizing the resizing, renaming, in one file and then into another, nothing will work.

So I am just letting you know that as soon as I can get it to work I will post with photos, until then remember "Life is the journey, not the destination" but sometimes I would just like to get there without all the hick ups in between.

Enjoy V