Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bits, pieces and gadgets

I have finally managed to get a picture into my blog, not of the autumn leaves that I mentioned last time because with all the rain we have been having they are almost all gone off the trees, winter is now just days away. Under my trees there are still many leaves but now they are very mushy. Never mind they will still make lovely compost. 

Winter may just be days away but when I went out for a quick stroll around the garden this morning there are green shoots coming up and for a change they aren't weeds, they are snowdrops, so hopefully I will have these to share with you when they bloom.

Now, bits, pieces and gadgets. I am not really into gadgets but I have tried the Clover Yo Yo makers because I couldn't resist the opportunity to make a different type of heart and flower shape.  They actually work quite well but personally after using the TINY round one I find the regular yo yos much easier to make the old way!  Well below are a few things I have made with these gadgets and I might just invest in the new oval one just to have a try who knows it just might have potential. 

As it is rather wet and a little windy outside I will leave you with a little saying - "Buttons and patches the cold wind blowing.  The days pass quickly when I am sewing"



  1. Oh, I haven't seen the oval yoyos....look forward to some pics SOON! ha ha


  2. Great to hear from you again. Love your work - keep giving us idea, PLEASE. Love Cathie

  3. Hey! I know you :) And now I am a follower!

    Pick a day this week, if you can, to come around for morning or afternoon tea - whatever you like. Joshua and I would love to see you and Abby.

    Love Laura xox