Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sewing Bits

Well here I am at last. I had this post all but finished two hours ago and then lost everything.  Just as well blogging can be rewarding because I am finding it rather frustrating at the moment.  Anyway, I have been informed by my good friend and fellow blogger extraordinaire Jean (Linen and Raspberry) that I must update at least once a fortnight so I will do my best.  That is of course if I ever get this post out.

The weather has been very cold most mornings are very white with frost.  So much so that it has looked like snow on a couple of occasions.  The snowdrops are just starting to flower but they aren't very tall yet. I hope to share my bulbs with you over the next little bit of time.  At the moment everything is just waiting although the Hellebores (winter roses) are starting to bud.  About the only thing to pick is lavender and a few sprigs of whatever green you can find,  I have picked sage and put it in this little vase the grey/green of the leaves really look lovely with the lavender and when it is all in a little jug they look even better.

I am sure you all realise that I love all things sewing.  Pincushions, needle cases, little bags, reels, spindles all are very welcome in my very eclectic home.  I am always making one of the above in one form or another.  A little while ago I made the following sewing pocket and pincushion from Amy Butler fabric it was really new then and I thought it was very retro.  It reminded me of the fabric in the dresses I used to wear, enough of that or I will date myself! The fabric has scalloped shape flowers on it so I echoed this shape in the embroidery and then appliqued the embroidered hearts in various shapes and sizes to the front, back and inside of  the pocket.

Above is the front and following are a couple of inside shots.  I have also used my favourite old mother of pearl buttons for some of the trimming.  The pincushion has an embroidered, covered button in the centre.  The set is then edged with a twisted cord made from the embroidery threads.

Of course I had to have one photo on its side I have reloaded this photo so many times and it still won't co-operate and my computer assistant - Abby is currently having a lovely couple of days with her Nanna and Pop so cannot call her to rescue me.  Sorry just have turn yourself a bit on the side to look at this one.  Oh well nothing in this world is ever perfect!

I must close now as I am preparing to go and teach my lovely ladies at Jukejema in Nowra tomorrow and on Thursday morning I am off to Cottage Quiltworks for two days teaching at their Quilt Escape.  Glad to say that my projects are looking OK.  You had a sneak peak at the fabric a couple of posts ago so I will share the photos of these projects on my return along with other goodies I am sure to see while up there.

Stay safe and here is another little saying for you "From a woman's soul, Through a woman's eyes, By a woman's hands"  Till next time happy sewing V


  1. Nice to see you back again - your friend Jean should take note of what she says. Haven't heard from her since 22/06/2010. Love your work and have fun at Quiltworks. Hope to see lots of goods from there. Cathie

  2. Thanks Cathie, yes I should practise what I preach, however Vicki hadn't posted for a lot longer than me.
    Lovely post Vicki, can't wait to see your photos from your sewing retreat.

  3. Hi Vicki

    Love this post and hope to see the projects in person at class one day. The farbic is really cool and in my favourite purple shade.

    Jenny H

  4. Hi Vicki,
    I'm back on line with my new wiz bang Mac. Now all I need to do is get my email working again and I'll be set

    Blessings Gail

  5. Hi Vicky
    a lovely day sewing at Jukejema today, I promise to have my cushion ready for next time.