Sunday, August 1, 2010

Early daffodils and antique inspiration

Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting me at the cottage.  Life is just so busy that I am always a little longer than I planned getting back to you.  As I have mentioned before, blogging has opened up a whole new world to me.  So inspirational, shame I just can't seem to stitch faster!

It is windy and cold here today but I was pleasantly surprised when this morning I found the first daffodils out in my poor neglected garden.  Who would believe that something so beautiful could grow out of a bulb that looks like an onion!

Tucked in under the daffodils are a few little winter roses (hellebore) the aren't flowering quite as well as in previous years but they are very lovely.  They are sometimes called "shy ladies" as they tend to hide their beautiful faces.

I have been at Cottage Quiltworks this weekend teaching my usual once a month classes I always enjoy going there it is such a lovely shop with great fabric and friendly ladies both in class and in the shop. A new range arrived while I was there - a whole 39 yummy bolts! 

I was also there a couple of weeks ago for their Winter Escape we were lucky to have a visit from a lovely lady who showed us some gorgeous antique quilt tops and also had goodies for sale.  The quilts she has made from "orphan" blocks were lovely so a couple of those "orphans" just had to come home with me for a future project. I am thinking of incorporating some stitched butterflies and some new blocks from 30's style fabric - here is a sneak peek calling it "Antique Inspiration" at this stage.

Hope you like, it stitching will be in red of course - what other colour is there! Not sure when this is going to happen as things are busy on the stitching front at the moment and there is only one of me. Sadly  I haven't been able to find that super-charged needle yet.

Until next time remember "Stitch your stress away" V


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  1. Well done, it would be lovely to have seen some pics of the bolts of fabric at cottage quiltworks.